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Genuine Customer Reviews

The general opinion about our custom patches from Canadian people.

RatingGreatest Embroidery Studio

“Canada Patches is a brand that knows how to treat customers and deal with their complex queries. I am grateful for their help in designing my custom emblems. The final results were amazing.”

Date of experience: October 15, 2022
RatingWoven Labels Were Exceptional

“I asked them first if they could design a woven label patch for me, and their instant response was that no one can make them better than us. They stayed true to their words and delivered mind-blowing products.”

Date of experience: October 23, 2022
RatingExcellence Personified

“There is a touch of fineness and excellence in their embroidered patches. The soft touch and crisp designs make them worth every single of your penny. Their products are a must-try if you like custom crests.”

Date of experience: December 02, 2022
RatingLoved The Sporty Vibe

“I just love football and have a huge collection of official kits and shirts. My plan was to customize them. Therefore, I ordered jersey patches from this website. They were truly sensational and lived up to my expectations.”

Date of experience: December 13, 2022
RatingLoved The Sporty Vibe

“I just love football and have a huge collection of official kits and shirts. My plan was to customize them. Therefore, I ordered jersey patches from this website. They were truly sensational and lived up to my expectations.”

Date of experience: January 05, 2023
RatingHighly Recommended For Bikers

“Being a part of the bikers’ community, I know the importance of custom badges. I always turn to these experts whenever I need some cool motorcycle patches filled with swag and attitude. They never disappoint.”

Date of experience: January 12, 2023
RatingBest Place For Uniform Badges

“I opened a restaurant and needed uniform patches for my whole staff. Thankfully, I contacted these service providers as they were quick to respond and even quicker with their production and shipping.”

Date of experience: January 21, 2023
RatingFlamboyant & Colorful Designs

“The winter season was just around the corner, and I was not in the mood to buy new jackets. These patch makers helped me revive my old garments with some vivid and lively jacket patches.”

Date of experience: February 09, 2023
RatingPatches Available In All Sizes

“It is not that easy to design and produce enormous back patches. This patch shop literally surprised me with its patch-making skills as they pulled off some flawless emblems with on-point accuracy and precision.”

Date of experience: February 17, 2023
RatingSuper Adhesive Stickers

“These multitalented patch experts can also design custom vinyl stickers. The quality was top-notch, and they were super adhesive. I must say it has been a while, but they are still firmly holding their place.”

Date of experience: February 28, 2023
RatingCrests With Crazy Detailing

“I really admire these patch makers because they do not turn down any order and are always ready to work on tricky designs. I have always received stunning iron on patches from them with insane detailing.”

Date of experience: March 01, 2023
RatingLoyal Customers For Life

“We cannot think of any other patch shop in Canada to order our police patches. They are simply outstanding and can transform any artwork into a visually appealing badge. We are proud to be their customers.”

Date of experience: March 11, 2023
RatingDurable & Long-Lasting

“I prefer rubber emblems because they can survive in any condition. They use 100% genuine vinyl in their PVC patching, making them extra resilient and weatherproof. The prices are also not that much.”

Date of experience: March 19, 2023
RatingUplifted Our Branding

“The logo patches that we ordered from this online store proved to be a blessing for our marketing and branding. They perfectly captured all the details of our brand’s symbol and made it look extra charming.”

Date of experience: March 30, 2023
RatingTags Were Crafted Beautifully

“We tried to be creative with our name patches and picked a unique font style. It looked tricky but not for these professionals. They stitched it to perfection, and we were shocked after witnessing this level of craftsmanship.”

Date of experience: April 18, 2023
RatingPatches Approved By A Veteran

“I ordered some morale patches for my dad, who is a retired army officer. He totally loved the crests and said they had those military vibes embossed in them. It is a big thumbs up from our side.”

Date of experience: April 29, 2023
RatingCustom Patches For Hats

“I enjoy customizing my headwear, and this is the patch shop that helps me with my passion. They do not shy away from taking up any challenge and are always ready to craft all kinds of patches for hats.”

Date of experience: May 09, 2023
RatingThey Are Awesome

“They are awesome! The quality is top-of-the-line, and I believe their service is worth every penny. I had so many questions but never felt as if I was bothering them or something.”

Date of experience: Jan 13, 2022
RatingIdeal Studio For Patches

“In my opinion, this is an ideal studio in Canada to get personalized rubber cotton badges! Peerless customer service and unbelievable leverage for customization.”

Date of experience: Jan 20, 2022
RatingVery Affordable

“I have never seen such a low-priced personalized PVC patches maker in CA! Plus, their quality is remarkable. I am surely going to recommend this site to everyone I know.”

Date of experience: Jan 01, 2023
RatingCheapest Sew On Emblems

“As far as affordability is concerned, no other patch-making website can come closer to this firm. Their prices are so cheap that you might question their quality for a second, but they even outshine others in excellence.”

Date of experience: May 20, 2023
RatingShipping Was Pretty Quick

“I have worked with several service providers, but none of them were as quick as Canada patches. They got my emblems designed in no time at all and instantly dispatched them for delivery. Hire them for ultra-quick shipping.”

Date of experience: May 24, 2023
RatingThank You For The Edits

“I was unsure of my design at first and asked them to make some edits in the digitized artwork. They obliged and made all the changes without even charging me any extra money. You guys are out of this world.”

Date of experience: May 31, 2023
RatingDedicated Customer Support Team

“I really admire the quality of their badges, but the thing that has impressed me the most is their customer support team. They were friendly, cooperative, and extremely supportive and guided me at every step.”

Date of experience: June 02, 2023
RatingSpecial Borders Did The Magic

“I was happy with the design, but they suggested adding the Merrow borders. I was wondering whether they would make any difference or not. However, the special borders uplifted my whole patch and made it look sophisticated.”

Date of experience: June 07, 2023
RatingShop As Per Your Need

“Unlike other patch shops in Canada, they do not enforce any order limits on their customers. This is the reason why I enjoy shopping from their online store. The freedom to buy as many emblems as you want is unmatched.”

Date of experience: June 16, 2023
RatingSmooth Handling Of Bulk Orders

“We really appreciate the way these patch makers handle bulk orders. They were asked to design and deliver around hundred crests, and they did it quite smoothly. From production to shipping, everything was on-point.”

Date of experience: June 22, 2023
RatingBadges With An Extended Lifespan

“Regular use can make patches lose their charm. The surprising thing about every custom emblem that I bought from this shop is that they stay fresh even after extended use. There are no signs of wearing out or fading at all.”

Date of experience: June 29, 2023