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Fantastic Custom-MadeBiker Patches is a well-known patch supplier that crafts custom motorcycle patches. Bikers are all about their attitude and personality. Our MC club patches can be a great addition to your clothing. It will help you showcase your identity with pride. You can order these vivid and sturdy crests at extremely affordable prices with instant shipping and no order limits.

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Exclusive Features That Give Our Biker Patch Makers An Edge
No Hidden ChargesNo Hidden Charges

We treat our customers with honesty, integrity, and transparency. You can stay assured that no unwanted surprises will be waiting for you at the end of the project.

Quick ShippingQuick Shipping All Over Canada

Our streamlined production accelerates the patch-making process. We guarantee our clients that their crests will be safely delivered to their doorsteps as quickly as possible.

Cheap & Cheerful PricesCheap & Cheerful Prices

The best thing about our motorcycle club patches is that every biker can easily afford them. We enhance your on-road appearance without leaving holes in your pocket.

Canadian Bikers
An All-In-One Patch Shop For Canadian Bikers

We can be the treasure trove of custom emblems for all the passionate bikers who want to keep their style quotient high while riding their motorcycles. Riders cannot resist wearing our badges on their leather vests and jackets.

You are free to unleash your creative side and try different borders, base materials, backing, and threads. We have all the skills required to visualize your vision and convert it into a thread masterpiece. You can order the following patch types from our website:

  • Skull Patches
  • Cross Patches
  • Leather Crests
  • Outlaw Crests
  • 3-Piece Back Patches
  • Vintage Motorcycle Emblems
  • MC Club Crests
  • Veteran Biker Badges

If riding bikes is your passion and you love to look cool while riding, then you have landed at the right place. We have built this specific patch collection for those people who spend most of their lives riding their two-wheelers. Our Canadian veteran motorcycle patches have that retro look that you might be looking for. We use advanced machinery to produce modern laser-cut emblems with highly detailed embroidery.

Add Some Thrill & Excitement To Your Jackets & Vests With Our Biker Patches In Canada

Every rider has a unique style and wants to express their true self while being on the road. You can get our custom embroidered biker patches precisely crafted to meet your gang or club requirements. We take complete guarantee of our products and assure our clients that they will receive vibrant badges with meticulous finishing. The endless customization options make our patch store a dream destination for those motorcyclists who love to ride while wearing personalized gear. You can order our exciting and trendy mc patches from Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Brampton, Mississauga, Waterloo, or every other Canadian city.

Our Recently Crafted Canadian Motorcycle Patches
Genuine reviews from Canadian bikers who loved our mc patches
RatingJanuary 11Well-Designed Emblems

"I ordered Harley Davidson patches from this website for my whole bikers' group. They were precisely designed and customized to perfection. Every gang member loved their crest."

Eva Norman
RatingNovember 19Finest Patch Makers In Canada

"The biker rally was just around the corner, and I wanted someone to design my outlaw motorcycle club patches quickly. Thankfully, these patch makers were there to help me out."

Christen Troy
RatingMarch 24I Love Their Cheap Prices

"I wanted just a few MC club patches, but after looking at their extensive inventory, captivating designs, and budget-friendly prices, I was unable to resist myself and bought ten more crests."

Amanda Clarkson
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Motorcycle Patch Process
Enjoy These Perks With Our Biker Patches:
  • Professionally-Designed Patches With Insane Detailing
  • Free Artwork With No Set-Up Fees & Unlimited Edits
  • Reasonable Pricing That Will Never Exceed Your Budget
  • Ultra-Quick Shipping To All Part Of Canada
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Uplift Your On-Road Appearance With Our Canadian Biker Patches is the ultimate patch shop for every biker. You can be an occasional rider or a passionate motorcyclist who loves going on daily rides, our online store will always fulfil all your patch needs. Our vintage motorcycle patches are designed in a way to amplify your on-road presence. The crests have the potential to make heads turn.

Wearing our patches on leather jackets will take your swag to another level. Bikers want an unforgettable ride whenever they get their vehicles out on the road. Our motorcycle club patches can do the job for you and make your rides more enjoyable and memorable. It is our promise that your crest will be packed with savage vibes that define a biker.

Motorcycle Patches Design
Promote The Biker Culture With Canada's Best Motorcycle Club Patches

Bikers are famous for their strong and rebellious personalities, and your clothing has to pass the vibe check. Getting our skull patches for leather jackets can make you the center of attention during every ride. If you want your outfit to speak on your behalf and express your feelings for the open road, then there is no other better way than adoring your jackets and vests with our MC club patches.

We have all the required tools and machinery for converting your design ideas into bold and beautiful biker gang patches. If you feel stuck and cannot create a clear picture in your mind, always remember that there are design consultants and creative specialists available to assist you. They use all their expertise and artistry to design your desired patch with complete precision and accuracy.

Biker Gang Patches In Canada That Will Take Your Road Thrill To The Peak

From industrial-grade PVC for rubber emblems to the highest-quality threads for embroidered badges, we outsource the finest materials to manufacture our motorcycle patches. Therefore, bikers prefer our durable and long-lasting crests because they are perfect for outdoors and long road trips. Whether you order small emblems or large biker back patches, they can easily survive harsh weather conditions.

From basic MC patches to custom-designed Harley Davidson patches, we carefully design and craft all our products. There is also a dedicated team of quality assurance specialists who double-check every order before it is packed and sent for shipping. We ensure that only flawless pieces are delivered to the customers. Our goal is to evoke creativity to the fullest and make your crests extra appealing.

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Satisfy Your Inner Bike Riding Enthusiast With The Cheapest MC Gang Patches

We are Canada's leading patch makers who specialize in biker vest patches. Customer satisfaction is always our primary focus, and we try our best to offer them professionalism and unmatched creativity at budget-friendly rates. Unbeatable quality and affordability are two of the stand-out traits that give us an edge over other Canadian patch shops. Prices are never an issue when you pick our site to buy custom crests.

Apart from discounted pricing, no minimum order limit for custom biker patches and unlimited free edits are some other benefits that you can avail by hiring our patch experts. The rich biker culture is incomplete without outlaw motorcycle club patches, as they are a great option to get your message across. We do not let your budget come in between your passion and fulfil your patch desires by maintaining economical rates.

Motorcycle Patches That Are Dedicated To The Canadian Road Kings

With our custom embroidered biker patches, you can proudly show your affiliation to a motorcycle club or express your love for any legendary rider. You just need to send a logo or a rough sketch of your artwork, and our extremely talented digitizers will instantly transform it into a cool and colorful patch dripping in swag and style. We can handle any shape or size, from miniature crests to enormous biker back patches.

Our expert patch makers will implement all your requirements and try to come up with a design that is an exact replica of what you need. Along with matching threads and background colors, we also take care of motorcycle vest patches rules. Depending on your use, you can also get any specific backing. Sew-on, iron-on, and Velcro are the common options available. You can also explore our inventory for some unique pre-designed crests.

Let's Demystify All Your Apprehensions About Our Canadain Biker Patches

Yes, our customers are free to come up with any design they prefer. We are always ready to work on all kinds of MC patches, whether they have complex artwork or intricate details. Customization is our strength, and we give our clients creative freedom to design their own crests.

We have some amazing products available for all the passionate bikers out there. From leather emblems to PVC crests, we can craft your outlaw motorcycle club patches from any material or fabric. The skull and cross patches will look stunning on your leather jackets and vests.

It takes a lot to win the trust of the bikers' community. The only way to gain their loyalty is by delivering perfection. We proudly claim to be the go-to patch shop of most Canadian riders, and we have achieved this feat by constantly producing top-quality emblems for over a decade.

Motorcyclists usually look for something functional, reusable, and easy to apply. Therefore, iron-on and Velcro are the most common backings used in biker gang patches. You can also get other backing options. However, it is advised to further stitch your crests for more durability and endurance.

At our online patch store, there is nothing too expensive in pricing and too cheap in quality. Every single product that we have is reasonably priced and will barely exceed your budget. We try to keep our prices low, but the focus of our team remains on keeping the quality standards high.

Do you want to purchase just a couple of biker vest patches? Well, we are ready to process that order. There is no minimum order limit for custom biker patches. Our team pays equal attention to every customer, whether they are buying a single patch or ordering them in bulk.