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Custom PVC patches are the ideal replacement for embroidered patches in this era! Custom-made PVC patches manufactured at are resistant to snow, grit, rain, gravel and all other tests of time. If you wish to own a snazzy and modish look, order custom PVC Velcro patches today.

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3 Features That Get All Spotlight To Our Custom PVC Patches Studio In CA
Low MinimumLow Minimum

We don’t like annoying customers with baseless requirements. Want 100 patches? Cool! Want 10 patches? Even cooler! There’s no minimum requirement benchmark here.

Highest Grade QualityHighest-Grade Quality

The raw material used in making PVC patches belongs to the highest grade category. As an outcome, our manufactured PVC morale patches stay in shape for years and years.

Professional ConsultationProfessional Consultation

Do you want custom cool PVC patches but feel lost due to having no knowledge about patches? No worries! The consultants here will help you with your decision making.

PVC Custom Patches
Every Trendsetter In CA Uses PVC Custom Patches

Wondering who would use custom PVC patches in Canada? The shortest possible answer is – every trendsetter in CA opts for PVC-made cotton badges to upgrade their outfit style.

Custom PVC rubber patches have cemented an RSVP spot in every industry. That’s the reason our client base is so much diversified. Have your eyes on industries using personalized PVC patches:

  • Military/Air forces
  • Airsoft Teams/Clubs
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Medical Centers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Sports/Fitness

Any business that aims to stay up-to-date and make a statement uses custom-made PVC patches! For years, firms, clubs and start-ups have been using personalized PVC patches to market their brand. The coolest part is that rubber cotton badges can also be used to commemorate an event. So the possibilities are limitless. It just takes your creative imagination to decide the way you wish to use patches.

Worried About Quality & Precision? We Salute Our Professional PVC Patches Maker In Canada!

Are you curious about what makes Canadians repeatedly turn to us for custom-made PVC patches? Our professional manufacturers have taken the complete hang of this field. No matter how precise or difficult the design is thrown at them, they always deliver perfection in the shape of custom PVC patches. Be it PVC security, Velcro, police or any other type of personalized PVC patches; you can confidently count on us. And we guarantee we won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

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January 11Brilliant Quality Patches

The quality of the patches is brilliant. I wasn’t expecting such a quick turnaround and speedy responses from them. I am eager to use this service again soon.

Samuel Theodore
June 26Quick To Re-Order

Last year I ordered PVC rubber patches from them, and now I want a similar design from them. I just shared my order id, and they managed the whole process smoothly.

Waldo Almer
September 09Absolutely Gorgeous!

The PVC patches are absolutely gorgeous. Initially, I ordered a batch of 20 pieces only to evaluate quality. Now, I will place an order for 600+ custom PVC morale patches soon.

Lawrence Hubert
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PVC Patch Process
Every Quote Of PVC Patches Includes:
  • Free artwork design service with revisions
  • Usage of up to 12 colors in every patch
  • Any backing type of customer’s choice
  • Free shipping to the customer’s address
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Stick Your Custom PVC Patch With Superior Quality Backing

You invested great energy in designing a custom PVC patch – but what if it falls off the surface while you are flaunting it among your peers? Can you imagine the potential embarrassment? Therefore, choosing the right type of backing to support your cotton badge is important.

We offer a variety of backing options! Custom PVC Velcro patches are popular since they are very easy to use. Plus, with Velcro backing, it is super easy to attach a similar cotton badge to any apparel possible. But you can go with a sew-on, hook & loop, clutch pin or any type of backing.

PVC Patches Design
Express Your Individuality With Personalized PVC Patches In Canada

We never expect customers to put a brake on their innovative design vision while designing a rubber cotton badge for themselves. They are allowed to express their individuality by showing us any possible unique design! No design is impossible for an artistic team of designers and manufacturers.

The customer decides the size, shape, design, color and everything. And just in case they need our opinion on the design, we’ll always stay by their side. So overall, with us, having a personalized rubber cotton badge is never a challenge. You can expect us to design ‘anything’ you want.

Does Your Brand Feel Left Out? Marketing Through Personalized Patches Can Help!

Do you feel your brand is lagging somewhere behind your competitors or in the industry? How about you strengthen your marketing game? Using personalized cotton badges is the new strategy of marketers helping brands stand out in the cut-throat competition.

Ordering these tailor-made creations will help you place your company’s logo or slogan on various apparel, keychains, zippers, hoodies, and other surfaces. As an outcome, more people will come across the company’s logo/slogan, your brand will gather more exposure, and you’ll easily own a distinctive position.

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Economical PVC Rubber Patches In Canada That Will Free You From Budget Challenges

Is it hard to fit a professional custom PVC patch maker within your budget? Keep your worries aside because we are a one-of-a-kind patch studio offering exceptionally affordable service. We are known for freeing customers from their budget-related challenges through low prices.

On top of that, you can have custom PVC patches at no minimum order requirement. You can order any possible quantity, and we will cater to it. Repeated buyers and bulk orders are entitled to certain deals and discounts. Hence, we are sure you’ll find us affordable and easy on the pocket.

Ordering Stunning Personalized PVC Patches Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

The header reveals the truth! We don’t involve our customers in particularities and complexities. Just let us know what type of cotton badge you are looking for. The team here will deal with the entire requirements. We will share digital proof before sending your design to the manufacturing team.

If you approve it, only then we give it for the next, big and final step. And if a customer comes up with any changes in color, shape or anything, we make the required changes at no additional cost. The customer support team stays by the client’s side throughout the procedure and ensures on-time delivery.

Stop Guessing & Go Through The FAQs To Seek Clarity

There’s not least quantity requirement at our patches studio. We make custom PVC patches at no minimum requirements! You can confidently place an order for any possible requirement, and we’ll deal with your needs.

Of course! We can make PVC security patches, PVC Velcro patches and all other types of patches for customers. We offer various types of backings for the customers, so they can pick according to their preference.

Definitely, we can still help. The talented artists here know how to deal with tough and complex requirements. Some of our customers had really intricate designs, yet we manufactured perfect patches for them.

Everything you could dream of under the term ‘customization’ is offered here. From picking the backing type and border type, to shape, size 2D/3D upgrades, and everything else is offered by

Without any doubt, we do offer affordable custom-made PVC patches in Canada! Not just that but we offer many discounts to the customers. So if you are eyeing a low-priced service that delivers high-quality patches, turn to us.

For custom-made PVC patches, we take up to 18 to 20 days to deliver patches. The countdown to delivery time begins after the customer has approved the digital proof. You can also opt for urgent delivery in case it’s needed.