Custom Embroidery Patch - 7 Tips For Designing Your Patch

Custom Embroidery Patch – 7 Tips For Designing Your Patch

So, you have decided to design your own embroidered patches! It’s awesome!

With the help of embroidery patches, you can showcase your creativity to the world and give them the taste of your aesthetic sense. These emblems effortlessly fit a jacket, headgear, or bag.

Custom embroidery emblems are a cute way to express yourself while also displaying your stitching artistry. But you don’t know where to begin, do you?

Well, sweat not! This guide will help you through the entire procedure of designing an embroidered patch.

Let us begin!

Expert Tips To Design Embroidery Patches | All You Need To Know

Tip No. 1 – Go Bold

The text on your custom embroidered patches should be bold enough to remain visible from a distance. The thin and tiny text would be challenging to create with a typical embroidery procedure. Do your best to keep the font size of your text big and as bold as you can. Trust us! By doing so, you will help your patch to look more readable and eye-striking.

Tip No. 2 – Select Colours In Contrast

Try to opt for the emblem colours in contrasting shades to make them strike out. Some of these contrasting colours can be yellow and blue, white and black, neon pink and orange, red and black. This works wonderfully well for your emblems. There can be so many other options as well, but for that, you need to be more inventive and creative.

Tip No. 3 – Add A Border

A patch border is perfect to add some definition to your design. So, always add a border that complements the design of your emblem. Adding a border to your patches can elevate the entire look. So, add it and see it for yourself.

Tip No. 4 – Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the key element in designing an emblem. Feel free to keep your emblem design as simple as possible. By doing so, you can ensure that each and every detail is presented properly rather than putting in heaps of material and cramming them up.

While embroidery machines are extremely precise, it can become a challenge to nail every detail. Choosing a bold and clear design not only looks exceptional but also makes it seamless for the designer to design your add-ons accurately.

However, if you are set on a heavily detailed design, then worry not. There are certain emblem types, like woven or printed ones, that are perfect for capturing tiny details. For instance, printed add-ons use modern printing techniques to copy more intricate artwork. It also reproduces photorealistic designs with a wide range of colours and gradients. On the other hand, woven patches, use woven threads to craft intricate details and can precisely duplicate intricate patterns and small text.

Tip No. 5 – The Bigger, The Better

It will be comparatively easier to craft intricate and detailed designs on larger emblems rather than working on smaller ones. If you wish to add loads of details to your emblems, then opt for a larger patch size. The larger the patch, the easier it will be to translate a heavily-detailed design.

Tip No. 6 – Think About Different Backing Options

Now, your patch backing is nearly as significant as your patch design itself. Think about how your emblem is most likely to be used. Who do you plan on selling to? Will they be attached to day-to-day wear or not? Would they require to be removed? Considering these options, you can opt for any of the backing options discussed below:

  1. Iron-On Backing – They are super easy to use. Such patches come with a heat-activated adhesive at the back. Thus, you can easily attach them by ironing them over your article of clothing for a few minutes, and that is it. You can get fancy iron-on patches from any online store of custom patches Canada
  2. Velcro Hook Backing – This type of backing will permit you to stick and unstick your add-ons without a hitch. They are ideal for emblems that people might wish to reposition or remove frequently. For example, you can commonly find them on tactical or military patches.
  3. Adhesive Backing – Next up, we have an adhesive backing option. Such add-ons come with a sticky layer on their backs, so you can easily stick them temporarily to any surface. They are perfect for things like attaching your emblems to walls, laptops, or notebooks.
  4. Thin Plastic Backing – This sort of backing keeps your add-ons stable without making them look bulky. It is suitable when you wish for your patches to maintain a slimmer profile. You can either stick them using the strong adhesive, or you can also sew them onto clothing.
  5. Magnetic Backing – Such backing utilises magnets at the back of the emblems. This allows people to reposition their patches easily without any adhesive or threads. Magnetic emblems are greatly used by people for decorative purposes, such as on metal boards, refrigerators, and much more.

Tip No. 7 – Take Inspiration From Everywhere

When it all boils down to designing your own emblems, the sky is often the limit. Get inspired from everywhere. For instance, you can look into personal interests, pop culture references, fashion trends, and so much more to find whatever catches your eye. You can also look at pre-existing emblems online to get your creative juices flowing or to get a sense of what is working nowadays. Here are some of the brilliant ideas for where you can get inspiration:

  1. Instagram – It is an amazing platform to get inspiration for your patch designs. You can follow numerous influencers, designers, and oven artists who continuously share their creative work and process.
  2. Pinterest – This is yet another platform to get creative ideas for your add-ons. You can craft boards with different colours or themes and save pictures that capture your attention.
  3. Other Patch Makers – Sneak peek at what other patch manufacturers are doing and see whether you can add any of those techniques or elements to your own designs.

These are only some places where you can get inspiration from. There are a lot more sources, so start looking for anything that matches your style. Do not be restricted to this list only; look for patch inspirations and then design your patches accordingly. We are sure that you will do awesome!

Summing It All Up!

Even though there are a lot of ways through which you can design your custom embroidery patches and get them ready, the ones discussed above are the more creative ones. So, feel free to follow these tips to design add-ons for them to embellish your outerwear, promote your business, and literally up-level any item of clothing that you wish to upgrade. If designing a patch seems too challenging for you, you can always order them online. All you really need to know is that which design you want.

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